Chapter 08-55: Total mixed rations and feed delivery systems

LDHM_08-55 Video 1

Lifting and pushing faced alfalfa haylage into a blended pile reduces moisture and nutrient variation.

LDHM_08-55 Video 2

Mixing a TMR with a new twin-auger vertical mixer (non-worn, left video) compared with a twin-auger mixer with worn kicker plates (right video).

LDHM_08-55 Video 3

Overfilling a twin-auger vertical mixer.

LDHM_08-55 Video 4

Loading liquid whey through a single pipe at the back of the TMR mixer causes a poorly mixed TMR.

LDHM_08-55 Video 5

Setting forage restrictor in on a twin-auger vertical TMR mixer causes a dead spot in mixing (alfalfa haylage not moving).

LDHM_08-55 Video 6

Twin-auger vertical mixer with augers not properly timed causes poor mixing (leading edges of augers are meeting at the same time).

Chapter 11-73: Proper handling techniques for dairy cattle

LDHM_11-73 Video 1

The handler uses her position to make the cow turn and present the cow with a clear opening to go through at the same time ( Video used with permission from the Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center (UMASH, 2015), which is funded through a cooperative agreement from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health–U54 OH010170.

LDHM_11-73 Video 2

Demonstration of the use of a bud box to load cattle onto a trailer efficiently. The entry and exit are located next to each other. Courtesy of Dr. Gordon Jones (Central Sands Dairy LLC, Nekoosa, WI) and Dr. Paul Rapnicki (Elanco, Greenfield, IN).